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The smallest Sea in Europe - Karin Sea. Facing the 2000 meters high mountain Velebit, and still undiscovered by mass tourism. Two rivers run into Karin Sea, just a few hundred meters from River&Sea Apartments. Karin has a long familyfriendly beach, which is a great point of entering the water in a kayak or on a sup - or starting your snorkeling adventure. Karin is connected to the bigger Novigrad Sea via a 100m wide, 2km long channel, and Novigrad Sea is connected to the Adriatic sea via a 4km long channel. The area is a part of NATURA 2000 protected landscapes because  of its importance for overwintering birds and landscape value.

The Vilage of Karin Donji is small and peaceful, but has all the facilities you will need on your holiday (beach, beach, beach, bar, ice-cream place, groceries shop). Pharmacy, more shops and restaurants are a short stroll away in Gornji Karin.

River&Sea Apartments are a sustainable tourism facility. We aim to reduce our CO2 footprint and encourage environmentaly-friendly use of water and electricity, recycling and upcycling. As our guest you will be encouraged to use alternative transport means to fully experience the amazing natural landscapes which surrounds us.

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